Friday, February 27, 2009

fiction addiction

More good news!
I am one of 4 students from my school to pass a test to go down to Sydney University for a three day Science course. I get to 'experience one full day each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics'.

I also had a school dance the other night, with the theme 'Fiction Addiction'. I went as the best Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange. The best parts of the night were 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'-Nirvana and 'Song 2'-Blur.
The Dark Mark which took forever to draw and still wont wash off...


jewell said...

you look soo cool...not really sure what all the others went as though?!

bianca. said...

My friend Emma, who looks like she is about to play baseball went as Alice Cullen from the series 'Twilight'. My other friends didn't dress up :)

Vevay Anderson said...

Wow! The trip to the university sounds like fun! I hope you enjoy it. Your outfit for the dance was awesome! I wish my school would have done things like that.

Michelle said...

My Tahni did the science forum when she was at your school, she loved it and still has friends she made there from all over the world.

Hope you enjoy it like she did :0)