Friday, March 27, 2009

off to uni in 20 minutes :)

I just did my first Uni test. And I got 14/15.
And for some reason I am a bit disappointed. I know I shouldn't be though.
Weird feeling :)

Not much more news on the baby. Mum won't let me name it Daveth.

I'm loving the extra day off school. I managed to finish 1000 words on a comparison of 'Psycho' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', which is basically a joke considering there is no comparison at all. I'm pretty sure our entire class almost fell asleep through one episode of Buffy.

Looking forward to Emma's Formal Birthday party already. Any excuse to dress up is always fun, especially walking through Newcastle.


Oh! I know this is a long shot but if anyone has a copy of Biological Science by Scott Freeman they would be willing to lend me, I would be forever grateful :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

'Muuuuum, are you pregnaaaaant?!'

Mum's pregnant.

I'm going to be a REALLY big sister.

Apparently the baby is the size of a sesame seed.

And this week, it's tiny heart begins to divide into chambers and beat and pump blood.

I found out yesterday morning when Mum talking really loudly about something on the phone. It was 5.30 in the morning, and I had no idea she was taking a pregnancy test. I had just woken up, and I started yelling 'Muuuuum, are you pregnaaaaant?!', *as a joke*.
I was so surprised when I saw those two lines.
As my friend so eloquently put it, 'Someone got busy in America'.

On a whole other topic, I'm still loving Uni.
And I can't wait for the movie, 'Angels and Demons', to come out. Maybe Mum will be so incapacitated that she will finally read it :)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hello chicken mcnuggets.

Mechanical separation is a way of getting every last piece of meat from the bone of a chicken, turkey, or other food animal. Bones with edible meat attached are forced under high pressure through a device that separates the bone from the meat.

And I am now sufficiently grossed out for today.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

stand up for being stupid.

I've realised that you should love someone because of their flaws, not in spite of them, and people should do the same for you. It was a very liberating realisation.
Unless their flaw is murdering people or something.

I had 3 hours of Science, and one hour of Visual Arts yesterday. I love Friday. We have finally started doing Biology in my Science class, and a lot of it is what I am already doing in Uni.
I've found out in Art that I have been selected to be interviewed by someone from the Board of Studies. And our teacher has organised a 'live drawing' class for us. She says that we won't see them as naked people, but as intricate displays of line and shading.
Yeah, right...

Funniest part of yesterday:
Mr Phillips- "What is an asexual way that a plant can reproduce?'
Eliott- 'Uhh, Snails?'
Mr Phillips- "Stand up for being stupid.'

Mum has finally made Engagement notices. She didn't like my sarcastic idea of putting "Two Continents- Two Hearts- One Love" on them. But Glen seemed to, which is a bit of a worrying thought.

I miss you guys ♥

Sunday, March 8, 2009

987654321, seeing what has changed.

NINE thing​s about​ yours​elf:​

9) I love my Uni course! It has been the only 2 hours of class that I can sit through, and not get bored. And I can remember almost everything.

8) I love anything gruesome. Especially Plastination and autopsies. But not horror movies for some reason.

7) I love Christmas more than any other day of the year

6) I will always stand up for what I believe, even if I have no idea what I'm talking about.

5) It takes a lot for me to cry, so when I do everything seems to pour out.

4) I will change my mind easily when it comes to emotion. But not when it comes to opinion.

3) I'd love to be a model, but I still have an aversion towards models

2) I love to make anything out of nothing. Especially by painting and sketching. And even cooking.

1) I'm happiest when I'm in the ocean.

EIGHT​ ways to win your heart​

(Hahaha, nothing here has changed!)

8) Have a passion in something.

7) Disagree with me about things. This shows me you aren't afraid to stand up for yourself.

6) Talk to me.

5) Display some level of intelligence.

4) Be open minded.

3) Make me laugh about anything and everything

2) Don't look too far forward and live in today.

1) Do what you feel, instead of waiting around for something to happen.

Your top SEVEN​ bands​(​or artis​t)​:​

7) Bon Jovi ('You Give Love A Bad Name'= best song when I'm angry)

6) 16Volt

5) The Offspring (First song I could sing all the way through was 'Gone Away' by The Offspring)

4) Tool

3) A Perfect Circle

2) Disturbed

1) Godsmack

SIX thing​s you do befor​e you fall aslee​p

6) Look at my timetable for tomorrow

5) Put my phone somewhere near me so I can hear the alarm and don't have to run all over the house looking for it.

4) Turn off the light

3) Climb into bed

2) Think incessantly

1) Eventually fall asleep

FIVE people​ who mean a lot at the moment​

5) Sophia

4) Paul

3) Emma

2) Jacqui

1) Penny

FOUR thing​s you see right​ now

4) My lucky bamboo which always seems close to dying.

3) My resume folder

2) My Zune

1) My To-Do List.

THREE​ songs​ that you liste​n to often​

3) You Give Love A Bad Name- Bon Jovi

2) Awake- Godsmack

1) Everlong (Acoustic)- Foo Fighters

TWO thing​s you want to do befor​e you die

2) Swim with Whale Sharks, Grey Nurse Sharks and Seals

1) Travel to Spain. See if it's where I belong :)

ONE confe​ssion​:​

1) I not scared of things changing anymore. I want them to change.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

mum's back!

Mum is home!
Already asleep though. Allira was incredibly subtle with all of the 'Do you want me to help you unpack?' hints, but we got to the souvenirs after a long talk of engagement and weddings and New York.
She bought me a New York snow globe, which I really wanted. It's so pretty, and there is a tiny little yellow 'cab' in the background. I got a Twilight badge that says "I ♥ Boys that Sparkle" which she knew would be funny, because I pretty much hate Edward Cullen. I got lots of clothes, including Spongebob pyjama pants and a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt. Mum and Glen also bought me Victoria's Secret underwear, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. She also bought me a shirt from M&M world where apparently one entire wall was filled with M&M's.
There is so much more, Thanks Mum :)
She bought back two wedding dresses, and got me to try them on. Scary stuff...

My Uni course starts tomorrow! I had a meeting with the deputy principal who told me that I will be great for job interviews because I have a 'gorgeous smile'. Basically made my day :)

And we had Archery. Which usually means lying in the grass with Britt, Emma, Aaron and a camera.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

hellllllo last years creative writing.

I could smell her. The freshest of floral scents danced its way through my nose and hung in my throat, causing a flame of desire to erupt from deep within me.
I could no longer hear her. The dull thud of a heart that typically drummed to a delicate rhythm had ceased, and her blood stood still.
I could almost see the fear in her eyes, emanating from the back of her mind.
She was not dead. Yet.
She was simply paralysed, and not with fear.
It was beyond her control.
I was in control, and I had done this once before. On a frozen cadaver.
I knew the logistics, and yet the emotions were new to me. I was almost delirious with euphoria and yet I was oddly aware of myself. Every movement was deliberate and every feeling was one to savour. Every sense was heightened, and I felt oddly invincible.
I enjoyed it.
I would make it last for as long a humanly possible.
I glanced over at the limp body. Her dark curls hung tantalisingly over her shoulder, and I had the uncontrollable urge to sweep them from her face. She was looking as angelic as the moment I laid eyes on her, even with the necessary addition of tape around her legs and arms. I was not taking the chance of the drugs wearing off half way through the deed.
I took a breath, imagining the air reaching to the depths of my lungs.
I was in control…

to be continued eventually...

i'm blind for 40 minutes a day?

VERY INTERESTING. -click on the link to find out '5 ways your brain is messing with your head'

Small things that entertained me today-
  • My bus being about 15 minutes late.
  • Turning up to school in a bandage and thongs only to have people go "Oh jeez Bianca, what have you done to yourself this time?"
  • Having an English teacher turn up 15 minutes late and tell us to read the entire lesson.
  • Being called to go and see the deputy principal, who wanted to know why mum was calling from America.
  • Mum telling Paul that his present from America was actually New York City.
  • Going over the 'mauve' of my artwork with the deepest purple I could make without it going black. Hooray for more skeleton drawings.
  • Making the decision to do something which may have major consequences, but feeling like I don't mind anyway.
  • Accidentally getting off at the wrong bus stop, meaning I had to hobble even further to the Junction.
  • Seeing my art teacher at Coles... then seeing her walk into Liquorland.
  • Getting photos taken for my Uni card. Yuuuuuck.
  • Taking off band-aids. I know it's gross, but there is still something oddly fascinating about it. I like seeing that my body is healing itself. Or in this case, making some weird gunk that probably isn't right.
Plus I also realised today, I haven't been in a ball pit in ages. And I really want to now. But then I realised that people my age aren't even allowed in those places with ball pits anymore.
motivational posters Pictures, Images and Photos

Well I think this has been one of my weirdest posts yet :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

harry potter :)

so tired.

  1. Mum is staying in America for another 2 days, due to needing to sort some Visa's out. Apparently she has bought me bright blue jeans and Victoria's Secret underwear, among other things.
  2. She said she has also bought me a small Edward Cullen thing. I asked if it was his manhood. She said he never had one.
  3. I cut my foot pretty badly at Merewether Baths and had to see the lifeguard. He asked me if I was on medication, and at first I thought he asked because he thought I was crazy or something. Then I realised it was because there was so much blood.
  4. I have a sore throat. Thank goodness for Strepsils.
  5. My Uni application is due in on Tuesday.
  6. My Uni course starts this Friday.
  7. My application for the Sydney Uni course, plus $200 is due in on the 16th.
  8. I need a job to pay for Uni.
  9. I'm writing an essay on the history of art, finishing my Indonesian homework, finishing my science homework, all of 5 hours of sleep.
  10. I need to finish that Sisterhood project.
  11. I need to rid the loungeroom of all craft items.
  12. I've realised 'Mystery Crush' probably isn't so mystery anymore.
  13. Did I mention the 5 hours sleep?