Sunday, March 1, 2009

so tired.

  1. Mum is staying in America for another 2 days, due to needing to sort some Visa's out. Apparently she has bought me bright blue jeans and Victoria's Secret underwear, among other things.
  2. She said she has also bought me a small Edward Cullen thing. I asked if it was his manhood. She said he never had one.
  3. I cut my foot pretty badly at Merewether Baths and had to see the lifeguard. He asked me if I was on medication, and at first I thought he asked because he thought I was crazy or something. Then I realised it was because there was so much blood.
  4. I have a sore throat. Thank goodness for Strepsils.
  5. My Uni application is due in on Tuesday.
  6. My Uni course starts this Friday.
  7. My application for the Sydney Uni course, plus $200 is due in on the 16th.
  8. I need a job to pay for Uni.
  9. I'm writing an essay on the history of art, finishing my Indonesian homework, finishing my science homework, all of 5 hours of sleep.
  10. I need to finish that Sisterhood project.
  11. I need to rid the loungeroom of all craft items.
  12. I've realised 'Mystery Crush' probably isn't so mystery anymore.
  13. Did I mention the 5 hours sleep?

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