Saturday, March 14, 2009

stand up for being stupid.

I've realised that you should love someone because of their flaws, not in spite of them, and people should do the same for you. It was a very liberating realisation.
Unless their flaw is murdering people or something.

I had 3 hours of Science, and one hour of Visual Arts yesterday. I love Friday. We have finally started doing Biology in my Science class, and a lot of it is what I am already doing in Uni.
I've found out in Art that I have been selected to be interviewed by someone from the Board of Studies. And our teacher has organised a 'live drawing' class for us. She says that we won't see them as naked people, but as intricate displays of line and shading.
Yeah, right...

Funniest part of yesterday:
Mr Phillips- "What is an asexual way that a plant can reproduce?'
Eliott- 'Uhh, Snails?'
Mr Phillips- "Stand up for being stupid.'

Mum has finally made Engagement notices. She didn't like my sarcastic idea of putting "Two Continents- Two Hearts- One Love" on them. But Glen seemed to, which is a bit of a worrying thought.

I miss you guys ♥


Lisa said...

isnt loving someone becasue of their flaws the same as loving them inspite of them ?
its very late and i have old lady brain...........
here is an engagement announcement for your mum
'Tania & Glen- Engaged- it has a nice ring to it !'
get it ?
Ring ??

bianca. said...

Not really. For example, mum goes mental in the heat. But instead of it annoying the hell out of Glen, he thinks it's cute. Whereas, I think it IS very annoying.
I guess it's all in the way people perceive what you feel to be your flaws.

Paula and Skip said...

uummm, I love 2 continents, 2 hearts and one soul. Maybe it applies to us here too? Well all the best in the world for two hearts and one soul

Tania said...

I did like it, even though it was corny :P
We'll use that on our wedding invites :D

indi said...

hahaha eliott and mr phillips. thankyou for making my day that much more entertaining :D

oh by the way, congratulations tania!

LJ said...

I approve of this photo!
So many more people read your blogs then mine, so I'm going to lurk Paul now instead :P