Thursday, March 5, 2009

mum's back!

Mum is home!
Already asleep though. Allira was incredibly subtle with all of the 'Do you want me to help you unpack?' hints, but we got to the souvenirs after a long talk of engagement and weddings and New York.
She bought me a New York snow globe, which I really wanted. It's so pretty, and there is a tiny little yellow 'cab' in the background. I got a Twilight badge that says "I ♥ Boys that Sparkle" which she knew would be funny, because I pretty much hate Edward Cullen. I got lots of clothes, including Spongebob pyjama pants and a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt. Mum and Glen also bought me Victoria's Secret underwear, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. She also bought me a shirt from M&M world where apparently one entire wall was filled with M&M's.
There is so much more, Thanks Mum :)
She bought back two wedding dresses, and got me to try them on. Scary stuff...

My Uni course starts tomorrow! I had a meeting with the deputy principal who told me that I will be great for job interviews because I have a 'gorgeous smile'. Basically made my day :)

And we had Archery. Which usually means lying in the grass with Britt, Emma, Aaron and a camera.


Lisa said...

welcome back Tania !!!

dragonesque said...

Hope your uni course was awesome!
Loved the pics of laying in the grass with random interludes of archery dudes :-)