Tuesday, February 10, 2009

stupid sickness.

I don't remember having felt this sick in a long time. My stomach aches, my head aches and my back hurts.
My fantastic day seemed to start when I went to the bus stop. I sat on the grass, and then something bit me. It REALLY hurt. So I got on the bus, trying my hardest not to cry because I'm such a toughie.
Anyway, I thought it must have been a bull ant or something so I sat through my art class, once again trying not to cry. By then, my left leg was hurting and I had a horrible headache and stomach ache. I can't wait to see my skeleton drawing tomorrow, I barely remember what I did to it.
So I went to sick bay, where the nurse just had to see the bite, and she couldn't even tell what it was, and here I am, feeling really horrible because:
  1. I'm aching all over
  2. I got dragged over the rocks at the beach and now have a deep cut on my back
  3. I have a crush, and it seems like some people have no idea when someone likes them.
15 is turning out to be a wonderful age already.



jewell said...

hey it could hav been a spider that bit you....crushes are funny things...enjoy the feelings...

Lisa said...

oh sweetie, i am just so sorry i missed you last night and yes, bites do hurt. So do crushes. BTW- Josh LOVED the cup cakes !

bianca. said...

Thanks Lisa!
I've discovered that Orange and Lavender smell really good together.
Almost as good as Tea Tree Oil ;)

Lisa said...

yuk ! tea tree ! Yuck !!!