Monday, February 16, 2009


Big news of the day.

My University Biology course is running. Next term I am going to be a 15 year old, first year University student studying 'Molecules, Cells and Organisms'!

Also, I tried looking for a bus to Rose Cottage, but I couldn't find anything that would take less than 45 minutes. So I don't think I am going to be able to go for the next 3 weeks!

Also, I've just realised I probably should have sent a Valentines Card like this...
thank you



Lisa said...

so, this mystery crush is at your school huh- in your classes-hhmmmm, that should narrow it down.

Diana will be back for next weeks class and she will come get you.

YAY is right about the Uni class- well down little witch xx

did your mother leave a letter giving you permission to be at the cottage without her ?

bianca. said...

Lol, that card was all wrong, i just thought it was hilarious. 'Mystery Crush' isn't even at my school :)

Plus, she did leave me a letter, so that's all taken care of. I just have to find the thing.

dragonesque said...

If you come to the night class and can get a lift there, I can drive you home ☺