Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentineless Day!

Ahhh. Valentines Day. One of my least favourite days of the year.

I had a plan this year. Which I didn't follow through with, because I convinced myself my 'crush' wasn't the least bit interested in me and probably thinks I resembled that algae stuff that is always in the fish tank. Or something like that.

Well, there is an upside to Valentines Day!
The red one was from Aaron and the white one was from Emma.

*kisses for the roses*

Anyways, spent the day singing/learning 'I Stand Alone' by Godsmack and 'Judith' by A Perfect Circle (both of which are in my music player at the bottom of this page), on my beautiful guitar. I think she needs a name. What do you name a Charvel guitar that is worth almost $1000 though?

Isn't the guitar beautiful?

I sat in the rain today too. It was the coldest I have been in ages, shivering every few seconds. My hair was dripping and pretty close to being incredibly straight. I loved it!

Also, this Friday, I'm going to be in a photo shoot, with Emma and her really expensive camera taking the photos. I plan on wearing purple stockings. I don't even know why I have purple stockings.

I hope you're all having a better Valentines than I seem to be.


Lisa said...

so, did you send the guy a card or what ?
maybe hes shy?
does he already have a girl friend?

Nice guitar, althogh i am a bit over guitars at the moment.
Lisa x

bianca. said...

Well, the plan was to send him a card.
And I know that he is shy too.
And I know he doesn't have a girlfriend.
And I know that I completely chickened out because I didn't see the point because I am pretty sure he doesn't like me.
Oooh well.

Plus how can you be over guitars? They are so much fun :)