Thursday, February 19, 2009

chilli burgers

I went to Charlestown today, with Allira and Paul (also known as Paulie) and it was so much fun. We bought two bags of M&Ms and put them in McDonalds sundaes. My whole sundae went blue.
Also, when we were ordering the sundaes, the guy managed to put that we wanted 230 sundaes in the register. We told him we would have that many sundaes for the price of 3, but he didn't really listen.
We also got the really chilli burgers from Oporto, even though we were feeling sick by then, and Paul didn't get a drink. So by the end his mouth was burning and he had had half of my drink.

I'm going to be away this weekend, starting to work on 'Surfest' and probably going to the beach a lot. It's going be fun.

Missing Mum a lot too!



Lisa said...

smooch xx

Tania said...

I love and miss you both very very much


I love love love you