Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Oh Wow.

I woke up this morning.
It was raining.
And I had porridge for breakfast! With lots of brown sugar and milk.

I had missed the rain so much, I just kept on walking when I got to the bus stop.

And I am so tired. Being tired doesn't go down too well with me. I spend the day making stupid jokes and shutting my eyes every few seconds.

Oh, and I kind of look like this...

Don't I look like a true rock goddess? :)

I hope this rain stays for a while. I'm not ready for 40 degree heat again.

And Valentines. Argh!
How could Aaron have spent $28 on $4 roses?
The rain really does make people crazy.


Lisa said...

who is aaron ?

bianca. said...

He's one of my friends.
But not the crush I've been talking about ;)

Mr Joshua said...

awesome pic!
Total rocker!

Michelle said...

Beautiful girl you are.