Monday, April 20, 2009

wow, two blogs in one day.

One of the Top 10 funniest photos of my life-

Do you show your emotions or do you have a poker face?
Apparently I'm pretty obvious.

Do you tend to have good dreams or nightmares?
I tend to have good dreams with people in it that I didn't think actually had a place in my subconscious.

Do you learn from your mistakes or find yourself constantly repeating
Me? Mistakes?

Which is better: Cold or hot weather?
Cold weather. Easily. Or being cold because I'm swimming.

Is photography something you enjoy?
Yes! Now that I have a deviantart and money for a camera.

When was the last time you had butterflies in your stomach?
Last night funnily enough.

Do you have or plan on having children?
I plan on having them.

What's the best flavor snowcone?
The yellow ones.

Do you support war?
No! The people that get killed aren't even involved most of the time.

Are you truly happy with your life?
Happy, but not truly.

How often do you cry?
I was crying about an hour ago. I'm like a fudging sprinkler lately.

Have you ever met someone who just had you at hello?
He had me at *hello i'm going to walk through the door and shine at you*
That's right, you know who you are.
Actually, no you probably don't.
Because I'm subtle like that :)

Do you have any addictions?
iM aDddiCteD 2 UUUU.
Or not.
Unless Peanut M&Ms count as an addiction?

What song reminds you of an ex?
hello paul's top played list.

What color eyeliner do you prefer?
Purple. Because it makes my eyes look greener.

Have you ever been so hurt that you felt completely numb emotionally?
Only once last year. That was horrible. I got the day off school at least.
Actually I turned up to school and I was crying on and off and my eyes were so thin because they were all swollen.
Stupid people.

If given the chance to do anything, what would it be?
Live underwater.
With a sting ray for a best friend.

Are you the type of person who always needs to be in a relationship?
Jeez. No way. I think I would go insane.
Not that being in a relationship is a bad thing.
Depends on the sort of relationship.
And the person.

Do you think there is a fine line between love and hate?
A very, very fine line. And it doesn't take much to cross it.

Do you think everyone is beautiful?
I honestly believe they are. Beauty doesn't have to be physical.

Do you believe that all members of the opposite sex are basically the
If by basic you mean the addition of certain appendages, then yes.

What is the best fingernail polish color?
Green or gold or purple.
Apparently I wear colours like a peacock.

What is the nearest purple thing to you?
i love hot topic.

well that was a waste of time :)


Lisa said...

he knew you meant him.

bianca. said...

um, pardon?