Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mum's home...

And she brought a lot of stuff!

I now have...
-A Disturbed shirt
-An Iron Maiden shirt
-Black and white striped gloves and a black and red checkered scarf.
-An Emily the Strange shirt that says "I need you like a hole in my head."
-Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. Only the best chocolate ever.
-Purple, black and white Jack Skellington Pajamas. I love them so much.
-A Jack Skellington Christmas stocking.
-A cauldron from Lori Cabots shop in Salem, From Glen.
-A small amp for my electric guitar, which I need to buy headphones for.
-A SpongeBob toy from Burger King.
-$100 American dollars! I'm so excited, because this means I can buy myself an Underwater Camera! I'm going to give Glen the money to buy it duty-free. Well, that's the plan anyway :)

Mum's already asleep on the lounge.

On another subject...
I know I mention a lot of people in my blog, but most of you don't even know who they are. So each blogpost I am going to try and introduce some of these people. I'll start with Paul, because he actually said my blog was 'an interesting read'.

Paul is the ex-boyfriend from two years ago and one of my best friends right now, even after about 2 years of not talking. Conversation with this guy is NEVER boring, and he can make me laugh, although I am usually laughing at him. For anyone who watches the IT Crowd, Paul is exactly like Maurice Moss, even though he tries to deny it. My sister seems to like him a lot, mostly because of his blue eyes and his abnormally large tongue. It's really a love-hate friendship, especially when he steals my noodles :)


paulthom12345 said...

I look really really stupid in that photo.

bianca. said...

that was the whole point in getting that photo :)

Lisa said...

how can you have an ex boyfriend from two years ago- wouldnt that make you ummmmmmm 13 YEARS OLD then ????
bosh xx

Eddie said...

also, I read your blog religiously. I desire a mention....


LJ said...

Wow, what a flattering photo.
My religion is also that of the blogbianca