Sunday, April 26, 2009

happy birthday allira!

I'm very grateful for last night, thank you to all who made the night as special as it was.

Congratulations everyone!

And Happy 13th Birthday to my little sister, Allira!

I'm so tired, and I have to do a test on Cellular Respiration and Fermentation tonight. Argh.
'Energy to power cell work must be “withdrawn” from carbohydrate & fat “savings” & converted to ATP “cash”.'
I think I'm going insane here.


Dragonesque said...

Good luck on your test; I'm sure you'll blitz it!

Lisa said...

yes, you are a smart ass-ed witchlet for sure xx

Cyndy said...

As long as you understand the process, Bianca, you'll be great! It's very involved, but very, very clever, don't you think?
It's all over by now, anyway....

bianca. said...

Thanks Cyndy!
I got 13/15 after waking up at 6.45 in the morning to do it.
Pretty good, I think :)