Monday, April 20, 2009

frickin womb sisters.

Well we walked into the nurses room and the woman actually asked which one of us was pregnant.

I heard the heart beat! And the swishing of it's 'womb sister' (The name a bunch of crazy pregnant ladies on this website gave the placenta. They actually leave the placenta on the baby until it falls off...)

Me (reading out loud)-
"If a pregnant woman, overwhelmed by pains, is not able to deliver, you must rub her thighs with a sardonyx and say: "Just as you, stone of sardonyx, have shone on the first angel by the order of God, in the same way, you, child, come shine as a man who lives in God". Then, she will place this same sardonyx at the baby’s exit, to the exit of her sex, and she will say: "Open, paths and doors, just as for the appearance by which Christ, God, and man, has appeared and has opened the doors of hell; and you, baby, cross this door without dying and without making your mother die". At this moment, you must place this stone in a belt around her, and she will be eased."
"I swear to God, if anyone tries to stick a crystal up my vagina..."

Here's one for me!
"If someone goes mad, or is in some way prey to fantasies, you must rub a magnet with saliva, and, with the stone, rub the nape of his neck, then his forehead while saying: "Bad madness, yield to this power by which God has transformed the devil’s power into kindness for man, sent forth from the high sky". And the patient will find his spirits."

This girl can either frustrate me or make me explode with laughter. She's my photography buddy, and I'd freeze my ass off for her any day. And she is there for me, when I need her and sometimes when I don't...

Before our haircuts-

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Lisa said...

every one knows the vagina is a crystal cave but, whats God got to do with it ??