Sunday, November 30, 2008


NINE thing​s about​ yours​elf:​

9) I love the band Disturbed

8) I love anything gruesome

7) I love Christmas more than any other day of the year

6) I will always stand up for what I believe, even if I have no idea what I'm talking about.

5) It takes a fair bit for me to cry, so when I do everything seems to pour out.

4) I love wearing old dresses

3) I'd love to be a model, but I still have an aversion towards models

2) I love to make anything out of nothing

1) I'm happiest when I'm painting or swimming

EIGHT​ ways to win your heart

8) Have a passion in something.

7) Disagree with me about things. This shows me you aren't afraid to stand up for yourself.

6) Talk to me.

5) Have some level of intelligence.

4) Be open minded.

3) Make me laugh about anything and everything

2) Don't look too far forward and live in today.

1) Do what you feel, instead of waiting around for something to happen.

Your top SEVEN​ bands​(​or artis​t)​:​

7) Nightwish

6) Blink 182

5) The Offspring

4) Tool

3) A Perfect Circle

2) Godsmack

1) Disturbed

SIX thing​s you do befor​e you fall aslee​p

6) Have a shower

5) Put my phone somewhere near me

4) Turn off the light

3) Climb into bed

2) Think incessantly

1) Eventually fall asleep

FIVE peopl​e who mean a lot at the momen​t

5) Sophia

4) David

3) Laura

2) Jacqui

1) Penny

FOUR thing​s you see right​ now

4) School folder

3) Indonesian speech

2) Glo-mesh purse

1) Purply chalice thing which used to have coke in it

THREE​ songs​ that you liste​n to often

3) Love You Till The End- The Pogues

2) Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana

1) Fear- Disturbed

TWO thing​s you want to do befor​e you die

2) Swim with Whale Sharks, Grey Nurse Sharks and Seals

1) Travel to Spain. See if it's where I belong :)

ONE confe​ssion​:​

1) I'm really scared of things changing at the moment.


Tania said...

Some things are bound to change, but we're happy, healthy and this will be the best Christmas ever :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you :) *hug*

Whale sharks would be awesome to swim with. I wouldn't want to go too close to their mouths though!

Anonymous said...

I'm stealing this one! Mwahahaha!


Anonymous said...

You know, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks incessantly before drifting off to bed :)

Glomesh?? Did your mum finally get her Glomesh bag??? yay!!!!!!!!!!