Monday, November 17, 2008

damn it

damn it damn it damn it
why am i so shy?!
i can't even ask one small question.
it's disgusting.
i frustrate myself.

I have a geography speech tomorrow. Chances are I will start shaking or hyperventilating.
I can give a speech and even run an assembly in front of an entire school, and yet when it comes to speaking in front of my class, I hate it.
Maybe it's that I can see each face.
Staring at me.

I'm going to dedicate this part of my blog to my darling mother. My mother who can make me believe I'm beautiful. My mother who wakes me up by dumping the washing on me. My mother who gets along better with my friends than I do. My mother who understands that I will always attempt to be the best I can be, even in something as trivial as maths.
i love you mum :)



Tania said...

Have confidence, you are intelligent, you are very beautiful, you will ask that one question when you're ready :)

and you made me cry

I love you too
Can't wait for your Quinceanera!
(why? lol)

Anonymous said...

ah no need to worry about your speech. just don't stare at them. When you look up, pretend you are looking at them, and dont really concentrate on them. Works for me when I gig out :)


Tesah said...

Try public speaking in a foreign language, now that was a learning curve!

Cyndy said...

You ARE beautiful, sweetheart. You must have got it from your mother. Actually, I asked your mum if she would share you with me for one of my boys.... they're rather nice, too & I wouldn't want to share them with just

By the time you read this, the speech will be done. But next time, just imagine that you're on tv, & think of each face as an inanimate camera lens. Or be brave enough to reach out with your eyes, and meet the eyes of those in the room & really touch them with what you're saying. The energy exchange goes both ways: you share your energy, but you also take back some from the listeners as well. It takes the focus away from "you" when you do this, if you understand what I mean.

Believe in yourself ;0)