Monday, November 10, 2008


I remember in primary school when someone spread a rumour that one boy in our class got his legs shaved by his grandmother in the bathtub.
It was my little sister who remembered this at dinner today and I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Was that the best we could come up with?
High school is tainted with rumours of sex, drugs, love and yet in primary school that's what we had.
I miss that.

I also miss simplicity. Knowing how I felt and why.
That's gone.

And yet in so many ways I feel I have grown.
I am beginning to understand things.
And yet with everything new I learn, I seem to find more to question.
This is so frustrating!
Am I destined to go through life feeling like I don't understand a thing?!


Tania said...

my head hurts

Anchell said...

You are a sweet kid.

And yes, we all feel like that at times and other times we know exactly what where and why.

That is life and if we knew everything where would the adventure be?