Friday, November 14, 2008

I can't believe i decided to walk home in the heat. No wonder I am half dead.

I've been continuing with my plan to write 'You are loved' on 1000 post-it notes all around the school.
It's going well, i just need a few hundred more post-it notes.

I have...

  • been swimming with tiger sharks, bull sharks. stingrays, turtles, octopi and lots and lots of fish
  • been on a game show/national television
  • been to America for Halloween
  • been to french-speaking Canada
  • been to Vanuatu
  • learnt another language
  • had a pet tarantula
  • watched an autopsy
  • had surgery
  • had an artwork on exhibition
  • stayed in bed for an entire day

I want to...

  • stay up for 24 hours straight
  • go to a Godsmack/Disturbed concert
  • get over my fear of heights
  • go swimming with dolphins,seals and whale sharks
  • have a pet ferret and axolotl
  • perform an autopsy

1 comment:

Tania said...

You've done so many more things than I had when I was your age.. You must have a wonderful mother :P

love and smoodges.. mummy