Monday, December 15, 2008

the kangaroo.

This is my pride and joy which took 3 months to complete and helped me top the year in creative and performing arts :)
it's big, isn't it?


Tania said...

I'm surprised it's not destroyed from being all over the floor for most of those 3 months lol You deserve number 1!!

love from your mummy


Anchell said...

Thats wonderful!

Are a Merewether girl? My daughter Tahni was a brain there once...and my other daughter Kayla is there now making a disgrace of herself:)

You may know of them.

Anchell said...

Or am I seeing things?? Lambton?

Glain said...

Wow, that IS big! I couldn't have done it!
I was wondering if you're done with the books that I lent to you, if you could bring them to the summer solstice night tomorrow?
Daya. :)

Anonymous said...

good on ya. But that is really big. Actually, it's bigger then you.

Looks lovely though.