Thursday, October 30, 2008

my gratitude list. (idea stolen from lisa)

I am grateful for:
  • My Family :P
  • An extension on my Art assignment.
  • My friends who know how to lighten up any class.
  • My friends that I can talk to about almost anything.
  • My new sunflowers (Thank you Helen!)
  • My new Octopus Discovery Channel CD (Thank you Wendy!)
  • My new jazz CD (Thank you Reilly!)
  • My cat who ate any chicken fat from when i was cooking tonights dinner.
  • My health. It's good.
  • My hair, as insane as it is, it's great to hide behind when i can feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment or anger.
  • Sleep...
  • Emoticons or phrases like 'lol' which allow a conversation to continue even when all hope is lost. This is why my generation sucks at conversation, because we have no emoticons to pull out of thin air. We have to use our face.
  • Needles that prevent cervical cancer. No matter how much they kill my arm.
  • Nice teachers that say "Hello, Little Miss" as I walk through the door.
  • Being able to study Crime Fiction in English class.
  • Stingrays. I don't know why.
  • Books. All types.
  • Guitars
  • GETTING $40 IN THE MAIL! Hooray! That means shopping though. Which means Tree of Life and JayJays clothes.
  • Maple Syrup
i love life.

oh, and Jack Sparrow. I'm grateful for him.


Anonymous said...

I love Jack Sparrow...w.w.

Tania said...

so sweet of you to mention your family


LJ said...

stingrays killed steve irwin

lalz, they are good animals though

see you tomorrow on monday even though it is friday.