Monday, October 20, 2008

67 days


I love that fish.
Plus, I am so happy at the moment. I've managed to get rid of the things and people that bring my mood down and now i am surrounding myself in happiness.
Like swimming in a big pool of happiness or something.
It's good.
People need to do it more often.
I see so many people constantly complaining about how much their life sucks, and yet they don't realise that sometimes with a few simple changes, life can be better...

67 days.
I must start writing Christmas cards soon. I always fill one side of the card with how much that person means to me. That seems to be why my friends have kept their Christmas cards from me since year 7.


1 comment:

deeper blue said...

Hey, I have never seen this fish in this micro size! Do you go snorkeling a lot, can you free dive, too? Kind regards. Peter