Sunday, October 19, 2008

68 days.

68 days until Christmas.
I can't wait.
I've been completing online surveys and so far I have gotten $60 worth of gift vouchers for Westfield, but there are so many other prizes (petrol vouchers, mobile credit etc). I'm trying to get more at moment, for Christmas. I am so excited for Christmas, I love that the energy of the Earth seems to change.
If anyone wants the link to these online surveys, just let me know and I can email you a referral :)

I need something to focus my attention on. A painting or a sketch. It probably should be art assignment but I hate painting to fit someone else's requirement. I always have to be different it seems, even if that means I am only satisfied with my idea 3 weeks after the rest of the class. I now have 8 sheets of black cardboard that need painting. Hooray.
My last artistic endeavour...


I'm trying to do the "Who are you?" assignment for Rose Cottage and I'm realising I don't actually know.

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Lisa said...

a beautiful painting.thank you for sharing xx